All You Need to Know About FAA Registration

Filling in a paper form

Consumer drones have become a staple in our skies today, and interest continues to rise with each passing day. While a rise in the number of drone users in the world is good news for manufacturers, retailers, and enthusiasts, it does pose some problems for those tasked with keeping our skies safe. Aviation authorities like … Read more

GDPR and Drones

Big data is watching you sign

The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, changed the game for many industries — including the drone industry — when it was rolled out in the EU. It affects the way that pilots are able to capture data with their UAVs, in addition to regular drone laws in the UK and the rest of Europe. … Read more

What Drones Do the BBC Use?

BBC building

The BBC has long positioned itself as a pioneer in journalism, willing to try out the latest and greatest innovations in a bid to better present news and entertainment. This has not always gone well. For example, they were the first media organization to broadcast a royal wedding (that of Princess Margaret) in 1960. It … Read more

What Are Brushless Motors?

A motor up close

Brushless motors are one of many electrical staples that are found in higher-level drones. But what are they? How do they work? And why are they so important to these devices that have taken over our skies? What Are Brushless Motors? Brushless motors are motors that are powered by direct current through a switching power … Read more

Will Drones Replace Commercial Pilots?

Two pilots in a cockpit

So, you show up at the airport and you learn that the plane you are about to board is going to be piloted by a robot or artificial intelligence. What do you do in this situation? Get on board? Or walk away? In 2017, half of air travellers surveyed said they would walk away, even … Read more

What is Geofencing & How Does it Affect Drones?

Security cameras

With the advancement of GPS technology over the years, many high-tech solutions and systems have been created that rely on it heavily. One of these solutions is geofencing. Geofencing is a nifty tool that allows animate and inanimate objects to have a virtual relationship with their physical surroundings or offline surroundings. Let’s simplify that a … Read more

Roll, Pitch & Yaw Explained for Beginners

A man using a drone controller / transmitter

There are a number of different types of movements that take place when a drone are in flight. The majority of these movements are defined as roll, pitch, and yaw. But what exactly are they, anyway? And how are drones able to do them? We wanted to put together the biggest guide on roll, pitch … Read more