Can Drones Work Without Propellers?

A drone flying over snow

What is the one detail you expect to see when you hear about consumer drones? Propellers! The first time you see them, drones remind you of helicopters; and that is because of their rotors (or propellers). Propellers are the ultimate iconic detail of drones in our collective consciousness, and this is also how they achieve … Read more

Drones and Prisons: Are Drones Being Used for No Good?

A prison with barbed wire

The potential of drones as vehicles for delivery is a promising one that is driving excitement in many industries. Unfortunately, it seems that criminals have not missed a beat and are putting their drone wings to criminal use. Many correctional facilities around the world are ramping up anti-drone measures to counter what they say is … Read more

Can You Take Drones On Planes?

A man in an airport with his luggage

This is a question that is popular among those who wish to capture their journey experiences as they cross boundaries. Unfortunately, it is difficult to give a cut and dried answer. Regulations change as you move from one place to another and what might be accepted practice at one airport could get your drone confiscated … Read more

Your Pocket-Sized Guide to Drone Insurance

A firefighter fighting a burning building

As a valuable piece of property, and one that frequently comes in potentially dangerous contact with other people, you may be wondering about insuring your drone. Do you need to get insurance for your drone? What are the options available? Are the rules the same for recreational drones and commercial drones? These are just a … Read more

Why Are Drones So Noisy?

A kid shouting into a mic

A study carried out by NASA discovered that the buzzing sound that drones are known for is far more annoying to people than the rumble of cars and trucks. And this is a fact that companies with ambitions of drone delivery, like UPS, Amazon, Uber, and Domino‚Äôs Pizza, are going to have to take note … Read more

When Were Drones First Released to the Public?

A busy building with lots of people

The world of drones has advanced rapidly, with an increasing number of people buying them for both entertainment and professional purposes. Given how quickly things have developed, it’s strange to think that it wasn’t too long ago that drones weren’t even available to the public. When Could The Public First Buy Drones? The thought of … Read more

What Is a Redundant System and How Do Drones Use Them?

A cog in a machine

Drones are driven by an interplay of lots of technological and engineering breakthroughs. These make for affordable production and safe, efficient flight. One of these breakthroughs is that of redundant systems. Many top drones are using them but the truth is what many people are sat wondering ‘what on earth is a redundant system?!’ Don’t … Read more